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What is Affiliate Marketing : A Step by Step Guide 2017

So far, we have shared several online earning methods. Today we will be discussing one of the most common online earning method which is Affiliate Marketing or also called Affiliate Programs. In this article, we will explain what is Affiliate Marketing, what are affiliate programs, what are best affiliate programs, how to make money from affiliate programs, how much you can earn from affiliate programs, how you can join affiliate programs and earn money online.

So, without any delay let’s get into it.

Affiliate Marketing

We will try to be simple as much as we could, there are 3 players in this game of affiliate marketing

  1. Seller or Merchant
  2. Marketer or Advertiser
  3. Buyer or User

Suppose, your friend in Boston has just started a business of selling T-shirts. He will ask you to promote his business and in return he will give you commission. Commission can be from 1% to 75%. Now what you will do is called Affiliate Marketing. You don’t have anything to sell but you will promote product of someone else and in return you get the commission. In this scenario, your friend will be the Seller or Merchant, you will the Marketer or Advertiser and those who will buy they will be Buyers or Users.

As a lot of people are making money online and have their online business. Many people don’t have any product to sell then they join the affiliate programs. There’re several big brands which offer affiliate programs.

Keep in mind you in affiliate marketing you don’t need the struggle of finding your suppliers and other stuff you just have to promote and advertise the more people will buy through your channel the more commission you will get. As simple as that.

Affiliate Sale

As mentioned above the sales a seller will make through affiliate marketing will be affiliate sales. More deeply, affiliate sales will be all the sales a merchant has made so far through your affiliate work.

When it comes to promoting there are several methods, but at the end of the day main two root methods are promoting through rich media content such as videos or images or ads and links. Every one of these will be associate with the link.

Affiliate Link

In online world when you promote any product it’s basically being promoted by a link which is provided by the seller and you will advertise this link and try to bring as many buyers as possible. The link you are playing with will be the affiliate link.

Affiliate Ads

Unlike sharing the dry and viewed looking URL you have another option as well. In which you can promote the product in the forms of Ads. These ads will be eye catchy and attract more audience as compare to the dry links. There are chances you can make a lot of money from Affiliating Ads rather than affiliating URLs. By clicking on those ads, the visitors will be redirected to merchant’s site where they will make a transaction by your given Affiliate link.

Affiliate Network

Usually you can join different affiliate networks which will be giving you the links or ads and you will advertise them by any mean and drive more and more traffic on them. You will be associate with those networks.

Example: Amazon Associates

Affiliate Income

The income you will make through affiliate program will be your affiliate income. Simple!

Affiliate Software

Affiliate companies can be so big and it is difficult to handle all the record and keep track manually therefore, they use software to track the analytics such software normally called affiliate software.

Affiliate Software Example: iDevAffiliate

Affiliate ID

Just like an affiliate link many affiliate programs also gives IDs through which they keep record and you can keep record as well. You will have to add them on the selling blog or website.

Affiliate Manager

Several affiliate companies also have a dedicated affiliate manager. Whose sole duty is to help and sort out the problems facing by the promoters. Also, help the publisher to earn more by giving them tips and key points.

Link Clocking

As mentioned earlier, most of the links given by affiliate programs will be ugly, dry and long links. If you don’t shorten them other may consider them a spammy link. So, it’s important that you shorten your link before you promote it.

Example: bit.ly

Difference between Affiliate Marketing Blog and Affiliate Marketing Website

  1. Affiliate Marketing Blog is generally having less scope than Affiliate Marketing Website.
  2. Generally, in blog you promote 1 affiliate product but in website you can make different sections and promote several products.
  3. You can promote different services or products on blog too but it depends either the services you are promoting are closely related to each other or they are totally different from each other.
  4. If you are promoting bags, you can make different sections in your blog such as school bags, camping bags, leather bags

Affiliate Marketing FAQs

How do I start an affiliate marketing business?

A lot of people thinks it’s rocket science to start affiliate marketing business. Is it?

  1. It’s NOT at all.

You just need to find the affiliate program which fulfill your needs and then signup with them. Make sure the information you give while singing up must be true otherwise you will face troubles later.

Is affiliate marketing illegal?

No. It’s not illegal. You will be associate with very authentic programs and you will be paid via legal channels. Promoting any product in the shape of link or image or ads is not illegal.

Does it cost to join affiliate programs?

No. Joining affiliate programs is totally free. However, what procedure you adapt to promote is up to you. Email marketing, running ads on Facebook will cost some bucks.

How much money can I make as an affiliate?

Honestly, it depends. It depends how you promote and how many buyers you bring to the seller. Roughly it is from $10 to $5k per month or even more.

How to choose right affiliate program?

While choosing, affiliate program the very important thing you must consider is the percentage of commission you will get on each sale. Select those which have higher commission on their products or those products which have high commission.

What are the best affiliate programs to start with?

There are a lot of affiliate programs you can choose from such as eBay, ShareASale and many more. Click here to read about 30 Affiliate Programs.

We’ve tried to cover most of the questions if you still have any then please do ask in comments.

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Stick with us and you will Get Rich!

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