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What is eCommerce: A Step by Step Guide 2017

As, we always focus on the different ways to make money from home and online earning and when we talk about making money online then we cannot complete unless we talk about eCommerce. eCommerce is one of the easiest way to earn money online and it’s very feasible as compare to other money making methods. It’s a kind of an online business. If you want to know what is eCommerce business, what are the types of eCommerce, meaning of eCommerce, eCommerce examples, eCommerce advantages and disadvantages, eCommerce business ideas, how to start an eCommerce website and other things about eCommerce then stick with us. We will be discussing each and everything in detail.

Before we dive into detailed discussion, you may want to know what exactly is the meaning of eCommerce .

Meaning of eCommerce

In old days, selling and buying required physical existence of the persons we are dealing with but now eCommerce has come in to the market. eCommerce is the short form of Electronic Commerce, which means, buying and selling products, services from other business or consumers without having any paper work involved in it. This electronic medium is we are talking about is internet.

Types of eCommerce

Generally, there are 4 types of eCommerce which are

  1. Business-to-business (Cisco)
  2. Business-to-consumer (Amazon)
  3. Consumer-to-consumer (eBay)
  4. Consumer-to-business

Business to Consumer

This type of eCommerce is most common type of eCommerce. In this type an online business sell it’s products or services from through their website using internet to consumer.

Example: Buying an iPhone from Apple’s site.

Business to Business

In business to business eCommerce, companies sell their products and services to other companies.

Example: AliBaba which sell its products to Amazon.

Consumer to Business

Consumer to Business eCommerce is all about a consumer selling it’s products or services to a business. Most of us already know about this.

Example: Paid online surveys where you are being paid to give surveys online.

Consumer to Consumer

Consumer to Consumer eCommerce is where one consumer is selling his/her stuff, products, services to other consumers.

Example: Amazon

eCommerce Advantages

No wait or No Hold

eCommerce has automated most of the manual work. The most important good thing about eCommerce is there is no more standing to wait for your turn or putting on hold for long time.

eCommerce Advantage: No Wait


It enables to compare different products or services they are going to buy. Comparison on their prices, their functionalities, their technical parameters. Which is very handy for buyers on internet.

Buying from Remote Locations

With the help of eCommerce one can buy anything one wants from remote locations. There is no need of going anywhere you can access eCommerce sites online and buy anything from London, Paris, Japan etc.

Remote Location Make Easy Money

No need of Physical Store

As mentioned about there is no need of physical existence when it comes to eCommerce. Everything is all set in the shape of eCommerce website.

No Physical Store Make Easy Money

Availability of Deals and Coupons

When it comes to eCommerce, a lot of sites provides different deals and coupons through which we can get things in lower prices.

A lot of Choices

As theirs is no need of physical existence means no need of shelves or longer shelves to place the products on. eCommerce site lists a lot of different choices such as different colors, different models etc.

Choices Make Easy Money

eCommerce Stores are Open 24/7

eCommerce stores are open all the time. Seller is selling while he is sleeping and buyer is buying whenever he wants.

Allowing selling and buying to other consumers

Many sites now allow the consumers to buy and sell from each other. This is very grateful for sellers.

Quick purchasing of Digital Products

In old times if one wants to listen one’s favorite songs, one has to go to store and buy the CD. Now, time has changed, within in few seconds one can download any digital products such as games, plugins, songs, movies etc.

Vendors Bidding for Your Products

Now, we can list our requirements as what we want and the suppliers will bid accordingly. This way we get different options to select from.

No limits

eCommerce business can grow up from 1 to 100 in few months. You can grow your earnings from 1 to 100 in few days. This is the best part of eCommerce business.

No Need of Currency Notes

When it comes to eCommerce, there is no need to worry about currency. When you do any payment currencies get converted into each other with international conversion tax.

No Need to Hire Employees

eCommerce reduces the employee cost. In eCommerce business, there is no need of hiring a lot of employees to manage the products and flow of procedure. One alone, can do all.


Good eCommerce business provides the facility to keep the track of their product and the delivery of the product.

Disadvantages of eCommerce 

No internet no buying or selling

Buyer and seller both need internet connection to buy and sell the products respectively.

No try before buy

Buyers cannot try anything unless they buy it first. Means there is a probability of fraud and low quality product.


eCommerce is highly competitive. When a buyer type anything in Google, Google returns thousands of results from which buyer can select. So in eCommerce, SEO is must.

Extra Shipping Cost

Either buyer or seller has to pay for shipping as well. Not just paying, seller has to ship the product anywhere in the world where the buyer is and it take weeks to arrive the product and buyer’s door step.

Credit Card Fraud

Some sites save the credit card information when you buying anything from them. And some charge few more bucks as compare to what’s the deal is. Credit card fraud is one of the biggest issue of eCommerce.

No Card no Shopping

To buy anything from eCommerce sites you need to have a credit or debit card. If you don’t have it then you can’t make any purchase.

Delay in receiving products

If product is digital, you will get it in few seconds. But if product is heavy and big size then it may take from few days to few weeks to arrive. Some cases it may even take more than a month to arrive the product.

Difficult to identify Scams

Buyers or consumers sometimes land on to scam sites. Which looks so good to human eye but after paying they disappear like moon at the noon.

eCommerce site is everything

If eCommerce site go down for one minute sellers can face a lot of business loss and also customer satisfaction and reputation among other competitors.

In a nutshell, eCommerce business has more advantages than disadvantages.

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