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Get Paid to Write Articles Online 2017

Get paid to Write is another way for quick money. In terms of online earning, we already have discussed several other ways latest was Online Earning in Pakistan and India but this is one of the easiest among those. All you have to do is write and get paid as simple as that. Big question is where to write? And how to get paid?  Well, this is what we are going to explain in a moment.

When we talk about writing, then it’s not just writing  about one specific thing or corporation or people. Writing is vast field and you can write about anything, on any topic, in any niche as long as you know how to write and how to keep your audience engage with your piece of context.

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Get Paid to Write

You can

  1. Get paid to write blog posts.
  2. Get paid to write stories.
  3. Get paid to write poetry.
  4. Get paid to write articles.
  5. Get paid to write reviews.
  6. Get paid to write comments.
  7. Get paid to write news.
  8. Get paid to write guest posts.
  9. Get paid to write as a freelancer.
  10. Get paid to write for magazines.

You can

  1. Write about topics related to children.
  2. Write about adult topics.
  3. Write about religion.
  4. Write about politics.
  5. Write about government.
  6. Write about private organizations.
  7. Write about anything.

How to start writing?

Well, this is simple. First of all, you have to decide what you want to write about. As we have given a list above you can select from or you can google. Usually, writing about technology, business, finance and on health-related topics gives more return in terms of dollars. But what if you don’t know anything about any of these fields? Means you can’t write? Means you can’t earn?

Answer is No!

When you’re on internet then there is no limit. The limit exists only in the mind.

Like we said above, you can write about anything you want anywhere you want. The only thing that matters is you fulfill the writing criteria of the clients and the website on which you are submitting your article.

Once you have make your mind about the topic or niche you will write about then next step is

Where to write?

This is important because in terms of getting paid. There are whole bunch of websites where you can create your profile and write to get paid. Such as

Procedure of Writing

The procedure of writing online and getting paid varies from website to website. Different sites have their writing criteria and different payment method.

General Writing Method

Most of the sites follow this procedure. You login and create your profile. You have to select the main topic about which you will be writing. Then if there is any sub topics, you will be asked to further choose from.

In this article, we will not be listing the different writing sites. We will explain different ways by which you can get paid to write online from home.

Get paid to write Blog Posts

One among several ways, this one is easy but mostly it pays less as compare to other writing methods. It also depends on the blog for which you are writing. If that blog is popular, have huge following, everyday people comes on it read and leave comments on it then it’s more likely that you will get paid more than average.

How to find “Write for Blog Posts”?

Well, it’s not difficult as much as you may think. There are already many sites, many blogs which are looking for the writers to write for their blogs and for their websites.

If your selected niche was writing about politics, then you have to find the blogs and sites which write about politics and news. Once you have find those sites you can contact the webmaster (administrator) or the editors.

Like we said, every site has their own criteria you are supposed to follow. You write keep those guidelines and instructions in your mind and then submit or send the written piece of content to them. They will cross check it for any grammatical and spelling errors and do some amendments if needed then they will publish your written content on their site and then you will get dollars.

How to receive the payment?

It depends on for whom you are writing and from where you are writing.

If you are writing for a local client or a company or a blogger, then you can either get the payment in your local bank account or any other local payment transferring methods or you can receive the payment as a check or cash in your hands.

If you are writing for international clients and from other side of world then you can select PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union, Skrill, Payza.

Get Paid to Write Stories

Usually people can’t write technical stuff and they find it difficult to keep their audience engaged in their written piece of context. For those people, there is another easy way to earn money is that they can write stories.

Now, stories can be of any type. Suspense, Sci-fi romantic etc. so you can just write what comes in your mind according to your ability. The important note here is you must fulfill pre-define criteria with your clients.

You have to be smart. You can select many different platforms to start with.

You can either choose Fiverr to start with or you can, Goolge “Write+ YOUR NIEHCE + Stories”

You can modify the searching query according to your requirements.

Everything else is similar. The payment method. The finding client methods. Etc.

Get Paid to Write Poetry

Different people have different interests. Not everybody can do everything. That means, either you are good at writing stories or you are good at writing poetry, or you are good at technical writing, or you can be very good at creative writing.

If you have been writing poetry in your class instead of focusing on your lectures, then we recommend you to go with this method.

Internet is full of Poetry websites. But get paid to write poetry is a little bit hard. That’s because finding client for poetry writing is very hard. and finding clients for writing is difficult that because less people are interested in Poetry.

Get Paid to Write Article

Everyone is already doing it regardless of where they are and what they are writing about.

When it comes to Article writing then you have vast range of topics. You can think of this like there are as many topics to write as there are websites on internet. Yes!

Again, the important thing here is to find the clients, websites, and platforms where you will submit your articles and they will pay you for your work.

If you google “Article Writing” you will see whole bunch of websites related to this topic. Every one of them will be explaining where you can submit the article and get paid.

Articles can of any niche. Suppose, your selected niche is gaming niche. And you write about Gaming.

Now how you will find the potential clients?

First write query on google search bar like this “Article(s) for Game(s)” or “Gaming Sites” or “Download Games” or “iOS games” or “Android Free games” and hit enter.

Now there will be several sites, click anyone of them and see if there are articles on it or not.

If yes then find the article section or blog section. Take a deep look of titles, articles and what they are about.

Now you will have an idea how things are working on this particular site.

This is the time you contact the Webmaster through their given email, or Contact us page.

Email them with a nice salutation and give them some samples, and tell them about your clients. If they agree then decide the payment and payment method and Bingo! You got your money by writing article on Gaming Niche.

Get Paid to write Reviews

Usually when you have many different choices in front of you then you select the one with good reputation. Or the one which has good feedback.

Many people are doing this. There are different scenarios which are given below.

1:- Suppose you are an android developer and you just ended up making an amazing, beautiful android application. And you have uploaded this application on your Google Play Store’s account.

Now, you want people to download your application. But eventually nobody will unless there are reviews on your application. Not just reviews, Good Reviews.

At this moment, you will find people or hire people to download you application and write good reviews about your application.

Once your application has good reviews on it then other people will start downloading it after seeing good reviews on it.

2:- Scenario is almost same everywhere but platforms are different. If you think you won’t find potential clients then you must be thinking wrong. You just need to find the clients. We have already mentioned the procedure of finding the clients or platforms where you can write reviews and get paid.

The important thing we would like to mention here is the payment you will receive after writing reviews is low and not so much. Which begs to the question how many reviews you have to write a day to get paid according to your desire.

Well, if you want to try this then take a free tip, find as many clients as possible. The more you will find the more money you will get.

Get Paid to Write Comments

On a bigger surface, writing comments is like writing reviews. When you are writing reviews, you are actually writing comments.

However, there are few major differences between Comments and Reviews.

Difference between Comments and Reviews

  • Comments tends to be shorter than reviews.
  • Comments can be from one sentence to 3 or 4 sentence, whereas reviews are more than 4 sentences.
  • When you give reviews you give them after viewing and analyzing the situation, product, service and scenario whereas when you write comments you just write them either you like it or not on the behalf of your personal likes and dislikes.
  • Reviews are not about how many numbers out of 10. It’s about the inner details. Suppose if you read review of a movie then you are not concerned about the ratings. What you are concerned about is the different set of thoughts, and details about that movie.
  • Reviews are detailed description but comments are not.

Rest of the procedure is pretty much similar to Get Paid to Write Reviews.

Get Paid to Write News

Another very trendy way of earning money online is writing news for local agencies and corporations. Finding local corporation and agencies are very easy and you know that.

Just walk out and take a look around you, you will see whole bunch of different local retailers, agencies, corporations. Just bump into any of them and ask them will they pay if you write for them?

Writing news covers writing general articles, writing stories, writing scripts.

One thing is very essential when it comes to writing news is your vocabulary has to be extra ordinary.

Sometimes Newspapers, accept writings from other people which don’t write regularly for them. It is super easy to find such opportunities.

This can be done online as well as offline. It depends on you.

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Get Paid to Write Guest Posts

First, we would like to explain what a Guest Post is. Well, a guest post is the post you do on someone else’s blog/website as a guest.

Now, guests come free of costs and take money too. It means Guest Posts are paid and free too.

Find the blogs with the niche of your interest and contact the owner with an email. Tell him why your post is important, why it should be on his or her blog.

To find guest post blogs you need to search the following queries in Google

“Your Niche” + “Guest Posts”

“Your Niche” + “Write for Us”

Sometimes, people complains that they face difficulties to find the contact email of blog owner.

Well we have got a solution for that too.

You can use extensions according to your browser. If you are using Chrome then Hunter and Anymail might be the best solution for you.

Get Paid to Write as a Freelancer

All above mentioned different categories comes in Writing as a Freelancer if you do them through a freelance medium.

There are many Freelance platforms where you can search and find writing jobs very easily.

Get Paid to Write for Magazines

You can write for local, national and international magazine. It very similar to writing for news.

The main difference between writing for news and writing for magazines is when you write for magazine you can write about many different things according to the theme and the title of the topic and magazine where as in news it is all about politics and news.

Please note, this post is only about different ways of online earning with writing.

In next upcoming posts, we will explain different sites that pay for writing articles and online writing jobs.

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