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How to Make Money Off YouTube 2017 A Starter’s Guide

When it comes to best ways to make money online then YouTube Earnings is one of the best solutions available. Yes! There are a lot of people who are already earning from YouTube. Few are making thousands of dollars and few are making hundreds of dollars from YouTube. If you are new to YouTube and want to earn with YouTube or if you have already been uploading videos on YouTube and want to know how you can make money from YouTube by uploading videos, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading and by the end of this post you will know how to make money off the YouTube.

Most of the people who are starting earnings from YouTube think it’s a piece of cake. They think making money with YouTube is all about making videos, uploading them and get clicks on Ads which will be appear on their videos. Well, it sounds pretty simple and straightforward but YouTube earnings is not that much easy as it looks.

In this article, we will cover

  • How to earn from YouTube?
  • Key Elements of making money off the YouTube
  • 5 Steps prior to make money from YouTube.
  • Minimum views to get paid on YouTube
  • YouTube Video Monetization Criteria
  • How Much Money Does a YouTuber Make?
  • More Views More Money?

How to earn from YouTube?

One of the most important and first thing for earn money through YouTube is bring audience then Get paid by YouTube.

Big Audience Big Money

Key elements of making money off the YouTube are

  • Loyal and friendly audience
  • Community engagement
  • Consistency for uploading videos.

When you start earning with your YouTube channel you keep growing your audience and keep making videos consistently and videos should be entertaining and joyful. Your audience must enjoy your videos otherwise they will not come back again.

These are the 6 Steps prior to earning with YouTube.

  1. Creating a YouTube Channel
  2. Enable YouTube Monetization
  3. Connect YouTube channel with Google AdSense Account
  4. Take a look at YouTube Monetization Criteria and YouTube Advertising Formats.
  5. Monetize Videos.
  6. Keep making and uploading Audience Engaging Videos.

1: Creating a YouTube Channel

Sign in your YouTube account using your old Gmail or new Gmail id. After you Sing in Create YouTube Channel.

2: Enable YouTube Monetization

Before you go to enable monetization, make sure you reach the minimum number of views to get paid on YouTube and to get monetization option enabled.

Minimum views to get paid on YouTube is 10,000. You need to have at least 10,000 views otherwise you won’t be able to enable the monetization option.

  • Click on Account Information on Top right corner.
  • Click on Creator Studio.
  • On left side, you will see Channel option then
  • Go from Channel to Status and features.
  • Click on Enable Monetization.
  • Agree the agreement.

3: Connect YouTube channel with Google AdSense Account

Once you’ve successfully done all above mentioned steps now it’s time to connect YouTube Channel with Google AdSense Account.

Here is a Detailed Guide on Google AdSense

4 – 1: View Video Monetization Criteria and Advertising Formats.

  • Video Monetization Criteria
  • Videos should be user friendly.
  • There should not be any Graphics in videos.
  • Videos must not contain any hateful content
  • Videos should not promote nude.
  • You must contain all the copyrights of videos.
  • Videos must be according to community guidelines.

4 -2: YouTube Advertising Formats

YouTube Advertising Formats

5: Monetize Videos

You’re almost done! Now Choose the Videos you want to monetize.

6: Keep making and uploading Audience Engaging Videos

Keep making entertaining, engaging, joyful, quality videos for your audience. Make them to come back over and over again. That’s how you will get more subscriptions and audience engagement.

That’s all about earnings by connecting YouTube with Google AdSense.

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The most common question which is usually asked is

How Much Money Does a YouTuber Make?

The answer to this question depends on several parameters. As a lot of people thinks that the more views they will get the more they will earn. Well, it’s not just that. The important thing is about how many of them are interacting the ads which are appearing on your video?

So, generally, answer of this question is YouTuber are making from $2 to $100,000 or even more from just one video.

Why that much diversity? You will understand after couple of minutes.

If we talk about how much money does a YouTuber make a little bit deeper then it will not be wrong if we say an estimated YouTube earnings per 1000 views will vary from $2 to $4.

We don’t want to bring your hopes down, it might not seem a lot but if you think of uploading 100 videos and each one of them gets more than 4000 views then estimated YouTube earnings will be in between $1500 – $2000. Nobody would want to reject that money. Would You?

More Views More Money?

Still overwhelmed? It’s okay to be.

Generally, if there are a huge amount of audience viewing you video then in a sense Yes! More views mean more money. But also, NOT because earning with YouTube depends on different parameters which are:

  • From where the audience is coming?
  • What is the watch time per video?
  • How many times ads appears on video?
  • How many visitors on the video click on the ads?
  • What Publisher is paying for the advertisement?
  • What is the competition for the ad?

If you have 100,000 views but 1000 of above mentioned parameters, then obviously More Views More Money will be Wrong. We hope that answers the question of diversity too.


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