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How to Make Money with LopScoop $10+ a Day !!!

Few weeks earlier, we have written Top 10 ways to Make Money from Facebook. Now, We are going to share more amazing make money with Facebook methods.

If you search online, or read in different forums you will notice every one of them is giving almost same answers. Like, start a Facebook page and then start affiliate marketing. Or, Start your eCommerce Business with Facebook page and drive traffic from Facebook page.

Well, that’s very much obvious. Today we have something different and something very easy.

You don’t have to have a Facebook page with thousands of followers. You don’t need any affiliate program. You don’t need a website at all.

The amazing thing about this method is even your 10 year old daughter can earn!!! If she has a phone. Obviously.

Another amazing thing about this method is 2 in 1. You can READ what attracts you and get $$ in return.

Last but not least. This method is just starting. Very few people on internet know about this. Which means less competition and more money.

You don’t need laptop for this. Smartphone will work good.

Before we begun to uncover this money-making tip, we would like to explain the importance of Facebook.

Initially, Facebook was just a social media platform. But now, it has spread far more than that. It’s more than just a social media platform.

Keep in mind this make money with Facebook tip is very easy and you can do it anywhere, just by using your “Phone”.

There are few things you should understand before knowing about this method.

  1. You must have a Google+ account. Luckily, 98% people do have Google+ account.
  2. You must have a lot of friends on your Facebook account.
  3. The more friends you have the more money you are going to make.
  4. Your friends should be active, real and interactive with you.
  5. Lastly, for receiving payments you are going to need a PayPal account.
  6. If you have a Facebook profile, with 500 friends but most of them are active and they interact with your post then you can make $10+ a day! Yes!

Let’s start talking about how you can make money with Facebook.

We will explain the complete Step by Step procedure

We will assume that you have already a Facebook account with 500+ active friends.

Step 1

Download LopScoop

LopScoop – Mirror 1

LopScoop –  Mirror 2

Make Money with LopScoop

Step 2

Install the application.

Invitation Code for LopSoop

DCOL1639 & XBDP1730

Step 3

Sing up using your email or Facebook or Google+ account.

Make Money with LopScoop

Step 4

Open the application starting interface of application looks like this.

Make Money with LopScoop

Step 5

There will be three tabs of Intro. You can swipe from right to left or just skip this.

Make Money with LopScoop

Step 6

Now you are in the game! You will see the application.

As you can see, on top left corner there is a menu button.

Make Money with LopScoop

Right after that, there is white tab.

  • ForYou.
  • Video.
  • Relationship.
  • LifeStyle.

Swipe from right to left and you will see more different categories Such as, humor, entertainment, stories etc.

Step 7

You will have to sing in. How?

There is a “+” at the right side of same panel.

Make Money with LopScoop

Click on it and give your email and credentials(password) and sign in(if not singed in already) with LopScoop.

Make Money with LopScoop

Step 8

Edit your channel by clicking on same + button. Here you will arrange the categories according to your interest. Like what things you want to see and read about.

Make Money with LopScoop

Step 9

There are three buttons in the bottom.

LopScoop. Trending and My. If you are in LopScoop option this will be red if in trending then this will be red and in My then this will red.

Make Money with LopScoop

Step 10

Click on My and it will look like this. Here you can see all the points you have made. And Amount you have earned in Dollars.


Make Money with LopScoop

That was all about LopScoop.

Question is how you are going to Make Money with this?

Well that is simple.

Watch, Read, Comments and then Share whatever you like on Facebook, Google+ and WhatsApp by clicking the arrow button.

Make Money with LopScoop

The more you will share on your profile and people will interact the more points you will earn and obviously, the more money.

Like we said earlier, this method requires no Skills. No efforts. All you have to do is just share anything you like on your social media accounts.

Anyone can do it as long as have social media profiles.

If you want to learn more Money Making methods with Facebook then read more on Top 10 ways to Make Money from Facebook.


Increase your points & earnings by going in novice tasks & daily tasks.

Make Money with LopScoop



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