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Privacy Policy


We are very careful when it comes to privacy issues. We’re only responsible for the content on website. Content which is copied and shared on other online forums we do not hold any responsibility of that.


Please note this site uses Cookies where the need arises. Cookies are usually used to store visitors information, preferences, and old history at this website which used to give the best user friendly result and the content for which users are on this website.

Your Privacy

If you have privacy concerns then you might want to consider disabling Cookies. You can choose among different options while disabling cookies such as you want to disable for all sites or for particular sites. Disabling Cookies for all sites is not best practice because you may find difficulties to find the exact content you are looking for on Google, YouTube and other websites. For more you can check the documentation of your browser. Please note settings may or may not vary for different browser.


Search box at website is limited to search only on Website. We do not hold the responsibility of any results which are not from the website. You shall agree with privacy policy of Make Easy Money to conduct any search on website.


Links on Make Easy Money will redirect to other websites which which will be written on the link. In any other case if clicking on any link redirect you to another website which has no connection with the link we do not hold the responsibility of that. It can be happen for several reason. If you find any such link please leave us comments or Contact us.

Access to Data

When you come on the site your data such as your IP address, Location, Browser will be saved to site’s remote server. Please note, the server of site is completely secure by Firewalls.

Terms and Conditions

Make Easy Money will tell you what are the possible online earning source which you can use to make money online from home. Website is only for informational and guidance purposes. We we will not be liable for any errors or emission for this information or for the availability of the information.

Please note

  • We will not be responsible for any damages, losses or injuries from the content of this website.
  • Privacy Policy of Make Easy Money can be change whenever the need arise.
  • Please note, if you’re on this website then you must agree the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of this site.
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