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Write with Us

We’re so glad to have you on Make Easy Money.  There’s always room for improvement and we are always looking for new authors to write with us. If you think you have valuable knowledge in same domain of Make Easy Money then we would love to share your words with the rest of world.

If you have an idea which is not already on Make Easy Money then you can write with us, even if you don’t have an idea but you think your knowledge will be valuable for the world then just aim to your topic and try to provide fresh, unique and valuable information.

As we receive  a lot of articles to publish on Make Easy Money henceforth, you need to make sure following things.

Types of Articles

  1. Mini Articles word range is from 400-500 words
  2. Articles word range is from 500-1000. Article should be formal and interesting.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Piece of content you want to write with us should be unique, free of plagiarism,  free from grammatical mistakes and it’s never shared on internet. If you provide the content which is already shared on internet we’ll reject your article.
  2. As Copyright is very important in online world therefore avoid Copyrighted content.
  3. Articles must not have any affiliate links or any other advertisement within and they must not point to irrelevant sites.
  4. We have the rights to not share the submitted articles.
  5. We have the rights to edit, modify or make changes in your submitted articles but you will own the Copyrights.
  6. Also include your bio and description in the Article which will help us to keep the records of submitted articles.
  7. Articles should be either in PDF format or in Doc format.

Please upload your article and click send. Make Sure you see the Successful Send Message before leaving.